As I mentioned in my Arkansas tailgate post my wife bought me a Weber Summit 670 in black. I have cooked in it several times already and love what I have seen so far. I do not like the all stainless models and was excited when we found out the summit series was being offered in colors.

This grill is way too large to be taking back and forth to tailgates, plus I have the NG model. But, I ‘tailgate’ at the house for as many of the away games as possible. For tailgates I use my tried and true Weber Kettle charcoal grill.

Below is an outline of some of the features the 670 has and how I have used them so far. If you are considering a new grill I strongly recommend Weber grills. I have cooked on a number of them of all sizes and have always been pleased. Even if are considering another brand, many of them have similar features and I hope you will find the below review helpful in choosing options and features on your next grill.

6 Burners – From time to time I cook for very large groups. When doing so having the space and BTU’s helps get lots of food off the grill fast. However, I have also found that by having 6 burners I can keep the heat cranked up while still creating a cool section to rest the food on while it finishes cooking at a high temp. Think Ruth Chris steaks. If you cook for large groups and like the idea of a cool section while still cranking out the heat then check out the 6 burner units.
Built in Rotisserie – This is the first grill I have had that has a rotisserie. I cooked a whole pork butt on it last weekend and was very impressed with how well it turned out. The infrared burner on the back gave the butt a nice bark on the outside. I kept one of the grill burners on low as well as the burner for the smoke box on for some added indirect heat. I am looking forward to trying out a whole ribeye one weekend. If you enjoy experimenting with new cooking methods on the grill, I would consider a rotisserie. All components of the rotisserie neatly store under the grill and out of the way, a nice feature for sure.

Sear Burner – I have seen grills before that have a sear burner off the side of the main grill. Weber has included a sear burner that is in the center of the grill in addition to the 6 burners to get that great sear on your steak. My handheld thermometer tops out at 750 degrees and the 670 will heat the section above sear burner hotter than that. Whatever the temp, it does a fine job placing a great sear on your steak.

Smoke Box – This is a very nice feature when cooking slow and low. The summit has a box on the right hand side of the grate that runs the width of the grill and a dedicated burner to apply heat to the box. Soak your chips of choice and place them in the smoke box. I used it on the pork butts and some ribs and it worked out great.

There are a number of other features, such as handle lights and lighted grill knobs that add to the overall nice to have aspect of the grill. But hands down my favorite thing is how well the grill cooks. If you are in the Birmingham area and looking for a new grill, give Todd at Huffstutler’s Hardware a call.