2023 Alabama / LSU Tailgate

Alright yall, you know the deal – this is the big one for the year (at least from the food standpoint).  It’s Bama vs LSU! This is my favorite tailgate each time it comes around. It’s one that takes a ton of prep and I’ll be starting early this week.  Between making tasso, dicing the […]

2023 First Tailgate MTSU!

Hey everyone, I hope all is well!  Roll Tide! As many of you know, Julie and I have been in Montana all summer.  We got back into Alabama late last night (Tue).  Don’t fear, we will be at the tailgate! We’ve been missing a few Alabama foods – like Conecuh sausage.  So, we will be […]

2021 Bama vs Arkansas Tailgate

Well folks, another home tailgate season is coming to a close.  In some ways they fly by and in other ways my knees and back tell me there have been some long days.  It’s also odd ending on an SEC game at home that’s not Auburn.  This year has been great after a small 2020 […]

2021 Alabama vs NM State Tailgate

What a wild weekend of football!  Many of the top teams didn’t look great, and Bama proved to be right there in the mix of average.  But, LSU is in the books, and  W > L. Thanks to everyone that made the LSU tailgate.  I saw some faces I’ve not seen in a while and […]

2018 Alabama / Mizzou Tailgate

After a small break, Bama is back in Tuscaloosa welcoming the Mizzou Tigers.  It also marks Homecoming for the University. Missouri has an interesting food history and was a tough call to narrow it down to a few items.  By all accounts toasted ravioli originated out of St. Louis, so I’ll give a nod to […]

2017 Alabama v Colorado State Tailgate – Roasting Lamb, Goat and More

Well, the first tailgate is in the books.  The seafood keg steam worked out great.  Thanks for everyone that helped chip in to get the food off in time. As I had mentioned last week, we’ve built a new fire pit and are going to be doing some more open fire cooking this year.  Many […]

2016 Alabama v Kentucky Tailgate and Homecoming

It’s a virtual cold front coming through this weekend.  If you were in Tuscaloosa last Saturday for Kent State, you know it was HOT and I mean HOT!  This week the forecast has it being around 80 at kickoff and around 70 at the end of the game.  Nice! I’ve talked about the importance of […]

2016 Alabama VS Kent State Tailgate

Roll Tide!  This week welcomes the Kent State Golden Flashes.  This week brings us an early kickoff at 11AM and late September is proving to be scorching hot.  The afternoon welcomes several great SEC match ups.  Florida / TN at 2:30, LSU / AU at 5:00 and Arkansas / TA&M at 8. We will be […]

Are You Kidding Me Easy Ribs

Alabama Tailgate

I have cooked ribs through the years in about every way possible. I have done the boil in vinegar, simmer in the oven, smoke for 6 hours 3min and 73 seconds (wrapping them in foil at 10873 second of course)… oh and at 211.99 degrees (I did not want to boil them…). LET IT GO! […]

Shane’s Grilled Grit Cakes

Alabama Tailgate

1 cup stone ground grits (I use McEwen & Sons) 1 cup heavy cream 1.5 cups chicken stock 1.5 cups water 1 onion, diced 1 ear of grilled corn, husk removed and grilled – then removed from cob. 1 clove garlic, diced 1 shallot, diced 3 pieces of good slab bacon, diced 3 oz white […]