Cast iron is a great tool for tailgates. It is durable and conducts heat very well. However, it takes a little care to keep in cooking shape. Below are the steps I use when I want to re-season my pots after I have to scrub them down. I know some people claim you should never ever use soap on the pots. I find that sometimes you have to do just that in order to get them clean.

Step 1. Thoroughly clean the pot, use soap and hot water if you have a nasty mess.
Step 2. Dry the pot. I throw it on the burner until dry and let it cool.
Step 3. Lightly coat the inside and out (skip the outside bottom) with a solid fat like shortening or lard. I prefer this method to using a liquid fat. Do not cake the fat on, a light coat is all you need.
Step 4. Bake at 350 for one hour.
Step 5. Remove from heat (do I dare need to tell you the pot will be hot) and let cool.
Step 6. Once cool, remove any access fat.

That’s it. Cook and enjoy. From time to time you will need to re-season depending on what you cook.