– 5 pounds pork butt
– 1/3 cup Hawaiian salt
– 2 teaspoons liquid smoke
– 3 cups water
– 3 cups veal broth
– 1 red bell pepper
– 1 yellow bell pepper
– 3 small poblano peppers
– 1 Anaheim chile pepper
– 2 ancient sweet peppers
– 4 cubano peppers
– 2 medium onions
– 4 cloves of garlic

For the pork, add water and liquid smoke to a roasting pan. Place the pork butt fat side up in the water. Sprinkle with salt. Cover the roasting dish with aluminum foil and roast at 400 degrees for 3 1/2 hours or until done. Once pork is done, remove from heat and allow to cool. When cooled, remove fat and shred.

While the above cooks, dice the red bell pepper, 2 poblanos, Anaheim chile pepper, 1ancient sweet pepper, cubano peppers and onions. Chop the garlic cloves. Roast and dice the yellow pepper, 1 ancient sweet pepper and 1 poblano, separately.

Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large dutch oven and saute diced pepper and onion mixture until brown, adding salt and black pepper to taste. Add garlic and saute one more minute. Stir in roasted peppers and stir to combine.

Add 2 1/2 cups veal broth and diced tomatoes and 1/2 cup cooking liquid from the pork. Add 2 tablespoons dried oregano and 1 tablespoon ground cumin seed. Raise heat to a boil, then reduce to simmer and stir in shredded pork. Heat for 10 minutes until meat is heated through.