I have been trying out some low carb / low fat recipes the last few weeks. I have been reading through some old Cooking Light books as well as searching the web. Most of the “diet” recipes leave a fair amount to be desired. I have found that picking out some of your old go-to recipe and simply modifying them often works best.

This is a derivation of a Cooking Light Recipe I have used in the past.

Heat a med sauce pan to med heat and spray with olive oil.

Sear Onions in the pan, when starting to brown remove them from the pan.

Deglaze with the chipotle sauce. Once you have the pan deglazed, add back the remaining sauce, onions and salsa. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer.

Add pork chunks and simmer covered for 45 min.

Remove pork from sauce and shred with two forks. Top with a little sauce from the pan and enjoy!