This weekend we had some folks over for the Alabama game. I wanted something simple to throw on the grill. As I was breaking out the flank steak I was surprised to hear how many folks thought you had to tenderize, marinate or in general perform some type of voodoo on this cut of meat.

I treat it no different than steak for the most part. A simple rub and a quick grill is all you need.

Heat one side of grill to high heat. While grill is heating, rub flank steak with above ingredients and let sit at room temp for 15 min.

Throw steak on hot grill for 3 min (rotating at 1:30 to get grill marks) – cover the grill.

Flip and move steak to cool side of grill – cover the grill. Cook for 3 -7 min depending on how hot you grill is and how well you want your steak.

Slice against the grain. Slice it at an angle so that you have more surface area in each slice. Not sure what I am talking about, look here.