This was a recipe I came up with for the Alabama vs Arkansas game. I wanted something to showcase pork and also have some layers of flavor. I also needed something that I could cook in 4 hours or so. So, I came up with the idea of stuffing some pork with pork with a little more pork.

– 1 whole pork loin (cut to the length of the pork tenderloin
– 1 link of smoked sausage (cut to the length of the pork tenderloin)
– 1 pork tenderloin
– 1 cup spinach
– 6 strips of bacon
– 1 package of blue cheese
– 1 cup bbq rub
– salt and pepper

Cut pork loin and tenderloins down the middle about 2/3 of the way through (you are making room to stuff everything else). Coat all loins with bbq rub, salt and pepper. Place the tenderloin with the cut facing up and place the sausage link in the cut. Cover the tenderloin with the cheese and spinach. Place the pork loin over the tenderloin/sausage using the cut in the loin to hold everything. Pull it all in tight and wrap the whole thing with bacon.

Place the pork log in a smoker at 240 and smoke until the internal temp gets to 160. If you are unsure of the temperature, consult the USDA’s guidelines.