2020 Alabama VS MS State Bulldogs Tailgate

Man, SEC match ups every week is really getting to be nice.  I hope you’re enjoying the season no matter where you are tailgating.  If you’re tailgating with us this week, we’re going to do a take on Oktoberfest.  Yep, I know it’s not celebrated in October and yep I know the real one was […]

Alabama VS Georgia 2020 Tailgate

Wow, what a crazy weekend of SEC football.  This weekend will be an interesting game against the Georgia Bulldogs for sure.  While I in general shy away from football predictions here, I will go on record and say the weekend looks to be great fall football weather. I was traveling through Athens a few weeks […]

2020 Alabama vs Texas A&M Tailgate

Wow, 2020 certainly has thrown us for more than one loop.  That said, it’s the time of the year (well a little later).  Fall is in the air and SEC football is up and running.   It’s crazy to think we have some big SEC games every single week this go around.  We will be at […]

2019 Alabama / WCU Tailgate

2013 Alabama v Arkansas Tailgate

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  The last tailgate of 2019 is on us.  This week, like most pre Iron Bowl tailgates we will be at the Shelby County Alumni Associations tent serving up breakfast.  You can get details about the tent and even join the association over at https://www.shelbycountyua.com/game-day-tent.  No need to […]

2019 Alabama v LSU Tailgate

It’s that time of the year – Gumbo time!  That can only mean one thing, Bama VS LSU.  As most of you know, I love this game.  I love this food.  I love this tailgate. I’ve got the tasso curing now and it will go on the smoker later this week.  I’ll start the roux […]

2019 Alabama / Arkansas Tailgate

With TN behind us, we have our first fall weather and night game in the books.  We’re still a few days out, but NOAA is calling for possible rain and a high in the upper 60’s. This weekend welcomes homecoming to the University of Alabama.  It’s always a great time catching up with old friends, […]

2019 Alabama / TN Tailgate – 3rd Saturday in October!

It’s that time of the year, fall is in the air and we’re welcoming in the Third Saturday in October!  It’s been a crazy series of games filled with some long streaks on both sides of the coin.  We’re of course hoping to extend our current streak by one more win on Saturday. This game […]

2019 Alabama / Ole Miss Tailgate

This week we welcome the Ole Miss, well I’m not sure who they are this year.  At any rate, we are excited about the first SEC game of 2019.  I’ll be out of town for this game.  Fear not, Jules, Chad and Billy will be manning the grill for this one. Mississippi is always a […]

2019 Alabama v Southern Miss Tailgate

Welcome back to Tuscaloosa Tide fans. This week we welcome the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss.  Looking back at the archives, I see we last hosted the Golden Eagles in 2014.  Like that year, cooler weather is in the forecast (it’s sad when the lower 90’s is cooler).  Unlike 2014 we have an early kick […]

2019 Alabama / New Mexico State Tailgate

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  I’ve mentioned it before, it’s always crazy when the season starts back up.  The last memories of tailgates included hearty meals, coats and fires.  The lingering memories of near 100 degree days sitting in the blazing sun are about to come to the forefront.  Is it going […]