Tailgates are funny.  You have folks you see a few times a year, but they are like family.  A common bond brings you together and they often become long time friends.  Recently one of those friends who has worked in kitchens and food service introduced me to a local company called Fiddlesticks.  Quite ironic since that’s one of my favorite phrases.  By now you’re thinking what they heck does this have to do with tailgating – turns out a great deal.  As I spent time on their website, I found plenty of items that are perfect for tailgates, grilling and food prep.  A quick glance at the catalog can be found right here.  It was very clear that the crew at Fiddlesticks has been there done that and are creating and curating items that simply work.  I’ll be doing some detailed honest reviews of many of their products over the coming tailgates.  Full disclosure, I was provided some samples for review (I’m still giving my honest feedback – I do not get any portion of sales or any form of kickback).

The first product I wanted to dive into is their disposable cutting boards.  Proper and safe sanitation is critical when preparing and serving food.  An outdoor environment presents unique challenges.  Be it a large tailgate or simply carrying raw items to your grill and then bringing them inside for serving.  If this sounds familiar, then you likely have that one tray you love to use.  In short time you’re back in the house with the door open trying to sanitize the tray while letting every bug in the county swarm your kitchen light fixture.  Working away from the kitchen presents even more challenges and I often see people using chemicals to sanitize prep areas, greatly increasing the likelihood of food contamination.

I’ve tried several disposable boards though the years.  The ones I’ve tried in the past were troublesome when wet or under heavy knife work.  For those that have helped me prep you know I keep my knives very sharp.  When I opened the package of boards (there’s 15 per package) I noticed they were heavy duty, but still pliable enough to be used to funnel foods into containers (something I did after mincing some onion for a BBQ sauce).  These are also large, measuring 11”x17” – I was able to use 2 of them to prep two whole pork loins.

I mentioned mincing an onion.  I wanted to see how well the board would hold up with wet ingredients, so I first diced an onion and let is sit for 20 min on the board.  I then came behind and minced (ok a finer dice – not quite minced) the onion on the same board in the same spot.  I quickly noticed there was no tearing or slice through to the table underneath.

I’ll be using these boards for remaining tailgates without a doubt.  Keep a watch out for reviews on some of the other Fiddlesticks grilling tools, fire starters, smoking and cooking woods as well as charcoal over the coming weeks.