I have cooked ribs through the years in about every way possible. I have done the boil in vinegar, simmer in the oven, smoke for 6 hours 3min and 73 seconds (wrapping them in foil at 10873 second of course)… oh and at 211.99 degrees (I did not want to boil them…).

LET IT GO! It’s easier than that!

Actually, my go-to recipe had become these – from Southern Living and this was the base recipe for my rub.

This weekend I cheated. A few months back I was in a hurry and bought a rib rub from CostCo. It actually is one of the best out of the shaker rubs I have used. I had some left and just decided to clear it out this weekend. I bought a mix of St. Louis and Baby Backs from CostCo on the way to campus Friday night. I had more ribs than would fit in my smoker, so I threw 2 slabs on my cheap tailgate grill that I had put one chimney of charcoal on the back with a handful of pecan wood chips. That was it.

They turned out great and may have been the best ribs I have ever cooked. Granted they may not have won best ribs in the world, but they were easy and delicious.

Start a fire in the chimney and let it ash over.

Dump coals on one half of the grill, creating a hot and cold side. Throw on wood chips.

Sear the ribs on both sides over the hot side.   Move ribs to cold side stacking to get them to fit. Close lid and let them ride. Keep vents adjusted to maintain a medium fire. Rotate ribs around to keep them from burning near the hot side and rotating new stacks to the top.

I cooked mine for about 3.5 hours. I pulled them when they started pulling away from the bones. If you are not sure use a meat thermometer and follow the FDA recommended cooking temps.