Well, the first home game and tailgate is officially in the books. Each year gets a little easier. Each time I pack the truck I think ‘I must be missing something’. But, we got there with about everything we needed and little of what we did not. I forgot my welding gloves for getting stuff on and off the grill and handling hot cast iron pots. My propane torches igniters had stopped working, so I could blow matches out with propane. You do use welding gloves, right? Surly you use a blue torch to light everything…. I may need to start a tailgating tips and tricks section. The food…

The 2012 season brings us something new, we have partnered with Tailgate Beer. See the details on my previous post. I decided for this game to use the hefeweizen as part of the brine for my grilled chicken wings. You can find my recipe here. Additionally, this seemed to be everyone’s favorite brew for this game. While, all the brews were great the hefe went the fastest.

The pork tenderloin seemed to be the crowd favorite as far as the food went and it paired very well with the hefeweizen. You can see the recipe for the on my page here.

The next tailgate party will be for Florida Atlantic, but I will be posting some game day ideas for the Arkansas game in the next day or so.

Roll Tide