Saturday was great, I made it over to the quad for the first time in two years and got to spend some time at the Shelby County University of Alabama Alumni Chapter’s tent serving some lunch and meeting some members. It was nice to be right there in a high traffic area and being able to interact with everyone. I must say a special thanks to my wife Julie for helping carry everything over to the quad and back (dad helped on the return trip as well).

I was pleased with the food; I had a number of new recipes this time and gave them a go. I have brined food before, but never in anything but water and spices. Both the brined pork chops and chicken turned our great. The chicken literally melted in your mouth. Here is what I ended up cooking:

Oktoberfest Beer Brined Chicken Thighs (beer, brown sugar, salt and spices)
Apple Cider Brined Pork Chops (apple cider, Water, sugar, salt and spices)
Sausage and Sauerkraut Stew (sausage stewed in onions, garlic, beer, mustard and sauerkraut)
German Potato Salad
Red Cabbage and Apples (cooked by Mrs Jarmon and dedicated to her dear father-in-law)
Thanks to everyone who made the tailgate. As always it was great to relax with friends and enjoy some food and football. I will be out of town for the Ole Miss game and putting together some recipes for the next cookbook.

Our next home game welcomes the Tennessee Volunteers. Look for the menu next week, but I am thinking everything must have orange in it. Smoked wings with an orange sauce? Not sure where all I will take this one, but it will be fun coming up with the recipes!