Those 8:30 games just plain ol’ stink!! While they give you lots of time to hang out with friends and enjoy tailgating, well they give you lots of time to tailgate. My feet, knees and back are still letting me know they are not happy.

We lucked up with the WX as it could have been worse than it was. We had a small window right as food was coming off that the bottom dropped out and we all had to get in under the tent. No big deal, we just all got a little closer.

The burgers turned out great. I ended up using about 2/3 hamburger to 1/3 Conecuh sausage with a good smattering of blue cheese. I am going to try a similar mixture without the blue cheese one day with a Cajun cream sauce over pasta.

The pork shoulder was a little tough for what I like, but still tasted great. I smoked it on 220 for 7 hours. Mid way thought I added a whole pork loin and threw beer can chickens on the grill. For the slaw, I used an IPA based dressing. When I started looking around I found a number of recipes out there, all called for coconut milk and a little heat. I ended up coming up with my own that you can find right here! For the IPA I of course used TailgateBeer IPA.

We have a little break before the next home game where we welcome another Mississippi team! Not sure yet, but I am thinking about doing a delta style fish fry!

Roll Tide