Man, SEC match ups every week is really getting to be nice.  I hope you’re enjoying the season no matter where you are tailgating.  If you’re tailgating with us this week, we’re going to do a take on Oktoberfest.  Yep, I know it’s not celebrated in October and yep I know the real one was canceled this year.  Never mind all that, this week we welcome The Mississippi State Bulldogs so it’s only fitting to give a nod to “The Dogs” with some sausage and of course Oktoberfest.  So I’ll be doing some German inspired dishes as well as a round or two of redneck sushi.  It’s actually one large German dish with all kinds of German flavors rolled into one.

In addition to a week after week overload of SEC games, we also have some new (and old-new) faces in the SEC.  Mike Leach has always been on of my favorite coaches, simply for the unorthodox approach up to and including the classes he’s taught on campus outside of football.  Coach Leach is also a fan of Pirates.  In honor of Coach Leach, we will be doing a pirate themed cocktail.  Not sure on the final selection just yet.  If you have a favorite pirate themed cocktail, hit me up.

We start the morning off with GA and Kentucky, roll into 2:30 with LSU and Auburn and of course of game at 6pm.  Come as early as you’d like.  Not sure what I’ll do for lunch, but part of that decision will be based on the number of folks coming early.  With a 6PM kick, I’ll be shooting for an early dinner around 4PM.

Afternoon Snack


Hope to see you there!  Roll Tide!