Another home game for the 2012 Crimson Tide is in the books!

Saturday started off a little warmer than I thought it was going to be. The sun was pretty brutal early on in the day. Note, bring sunscreen even in September. It cooled off for the evening games and gave us some wonderful weather to finish watching the LSU / Auburn game.

The food turned out well and Cindy had some wonderful additions to the Cuban theme. Thanks Cindy! The spam balls were great. But, if you are ever thinking about using spam in a caprese salad, well don’t. I know I know, its spam… but I had a theme and was sticking to it! I ended up doing a Cuban pork chop and it was great. I marinated them in a Cuban mojo. The Cuban potato salad was great also. I made an Orange and IPA reduction to glaze the shrimp with, but my cast iron pot had a little rust in it and it got into the sauce. So, I did not make the shrimp. Sounds like I need to read my own advice for cast iron care.

We had another round of Tailgate Beer on hand. Everyone enjoyed all the styles on hand. The cooler weather made the IPA a great compliment to the Cuban food.

Only a few more days and we will be getting ready for the Ole Miss game!