alabama-tailgate-cookbookTired of burgers and hot dogs for your tailgate parties? The Alabama Tailgate Cookbook chronicles the 2010 season game by game recipe by recipe. Each game takes a look at the opposing teams’ mascot, state or school and works themes from them into the recipes. The book has recipes that are perfect for those early season games where the temperatures are still hot and tappers off into perfect cook weather recipes for the fall games.

Pick up your copy today and get started cooking! If you are curious to learn how my blog turned into a cookbook… keep reading below.

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I recently earned my master’s degree in Information Engineering Management at UAB in the IEM program. Who would have ever thought that an M.Eng. would have inspired me to write a cookbook? But, without the push and guidance I received from the program the book would have never happened.

The book itself is just a small part of my love for cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Alabama fan. But, my life does not revolve around football. It very well may revolve around football games in the fall, but I pay little attention to the recruiting and other hype throughout the year. Combine my love for the University, cooking and spending time with my friends and you start to understand where my inspiration for the book comes from.

There is something very satisfying about taking a large pile of raw ingredients and turning it into something that people enjoy. Then to be able to watch them enjoy it right there on the spot, well that is even better. Of course I do not have to explain spending time with friends, we all love that. So in a nut shell you now understand my typical Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

My goal with the book is to give you some ideas and get you thinking about something other than burgers and hot dogs on game day.

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