Camp Chef Cast Iron 8 Quart Classic Dutch Oven

Must – haves! Rustle up crowd – size delicious meals with wild animal inspired Dutch Oven Cast Iron Cookware. An essential part of any outdoor kitchen. You’ll flip like a flapjack over this heavy-duty Cast Iron from famous Camp Chef. Your choice of Dutch Ovens in 3 sizes with one-of-a-kind animal etching on the lid… 6-qt. (mule deer art), 8-qt. (elk art) or 10-qt. (grizzly bear art). Each piece comes with Camp Chef’s own “All Natural True Seasoning” for out-of-the-box use. Food won’t stick and surfaces resist rust. Solid Cast Iron provides even heating over the entire heat surface, cooking meals thoroughly and evenly every time. Ideal for camp and outdoor cooking of stews, goulash, soups, chili, even corn-on-the-cob. Mmmm! Fire it up: Time-tested, Cast Iron legendary quality; Resists chipping and warping; Easy-to-clean surfaces; Keeps food warmer for longer periods; 3 legs; Even heat distribution; Non-porous, will not absorb odors or flavors; Raised lip around the lid is excellent for cooking with briquettes or wood; Handled lid and bale. Bargain bonanza!

Due to our special buy, you can nab top-quality Cast Iron Cookware at the right price for years of use. Order today and get cookin’! 8-qt. classic has a striking elk etching on the lid. Measures 15 1/2″diam. x 7 1/4″h. Weighs 25 lbs. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Camp Chef Pre-seasoned Cast Iron 16″ Dutch Oven; Camp Chef Pre-seasoned Cast Iron 12″ Dutch Oven – word search in our store for ‘Camp Chef’. Camp Chef Pre-seasoned Cast Iron 14″ Dutch Oven