I’m breaking rank this week and generating the update without Chat GPT.  So, let’s get on with the tailgate.

This week we welcome the Arkansas Razorbacks for the 2023 University of Alabama Homecoming.  We also usher in the game with a 11AM kickoff, that starts the parade at 7AM.  Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking – I get it’s driven by the TV kickoff time but a 7AM parade come on yall.

Anyway, back to the tailgating.  Since it’s an early game and we will still be recovering from jetlag we are going to keep this one simple.  That doesn’t mean we won’t be doing all things hog!

Early Risers:  Hog Wild Breakfast Burrito

I’ll be cooking up pork in several ways (sausage, bacon and even a quick pork tenderloin over the open fire).  Top your burrito with eggs, cheese etc.  

Since I figure folks will get in pretty close to kickoff, I’ll also be doing some food for after the game.

Post-Game:  Build your own Pork Nachos

I’ll get a little smoke on some pork butts when cooking breakfast and then transfer them to the oven for the game to finish them off.  I’ll have the typical toppings on standby.

Above all, hope to see you.  We’re gearing up for the two biggest tailgates of the season with TN and LSU.  For TN I will be doing a late Oktoberfest theme and working some of the things I learned while attending the real deal in Munich.  For TN I will be dressing in traditional lederhosen, bring em if you got em.

As always, hope to see you Sat!  Roll Tide!