Alright Bama fans, it’s the Third Saturday in October and that means one thing – TN!  We welcome TN back to Bryant Denny looking for revenge from last year’s loss.

Each year I like to do an Oktoberfest theme for a tailgate and this year I’ll be doing that for the TN game.  I’ll be in traditional Lederhosen, so feel free to bring it if you got it (and yes, I will be changing before the game).  In addition to traditional dress, I will be featuring Oktoberfest beer from Cahaba Brewing (did you know they have a killer space for events?).

Julie and I just returned from a trip that included a stop at Oktoberfest in Munich.  We were fortunate enough to snag tickets for the Paulaner Tent.  Let me tell you one thing, that event is WAY bigger than I realized.  Our tent alone holds around 5,000 folks.  Crazy on another level.  I also learned a little more about some traditional Oktoberfst foods.

To that end, I will be serving up my take on some of these traditional dishes.  We have a 2:30 kick this week and I will be shooting to have food off around 12:00.  I’ll have some small dishes going for the morning crowed and an easy dish for after the game.

Lastly, I will be working Jack Daniel’s into the mix to tie the tailgate to TN.

From the Bar:




As always, hope to see you at the tailgate!

Roll Tide,