Alright yall, you know the deal – this is the big one for the year (at least from the food standpoint).  It’s Bama vs LSU!

This is my favorite tailgate each time it comes around. It’s one that takes a ton of prep and I’ll be starting early this week.  Between making tasso, dicing the holy trinity and making roux it’s gonna be a long week.

I’ll be doing plenty of the main staples (gumbo and jambalaya) along with some other treats as I get my head wrapped around the tailgate.  And it would not be a LSU game if we don’t  have corndogs, so I will be firing up the deep fryer to turn those corndogs into redneck sushi.

A few years ago a friend brought over some Boudin links with a bold claim “this is the best Boudin you’ll ever have”.  I thought, sure man – I’ve heard it before.  As it turns out, that stuff was incredible.  It’s from a shop called The Best Stop.  I’ll be ordering up several items from them including Boudin.

Jules will be firing up her bartending skills to make a batch or two of Purple Drank.  Don’t worry, there’s no codeine in this one. 

With a later kick, I am shooting to have the main food off around 3PM.  I’ll have some smaller items rolling off for the early crew and will even be doing a quick breakfast.

And with a late game, I figure folks will be hungry after the game so I’ll be doing a 15 bean Cajun soup with greens.

From the Bar:




Post Game:

As always, hope to see you at the tailgate!

Roll Tide,