It’s that time again and this year we’re starting off with full stadiums.  I hope that means a full tailgate crowed.  We were in ATL this weekend and there was tailgating to be enjoyed.

We kick off the home opener with the Mercer Black Bears.  Mercer was founded in 1833 as Mercer Institute in Macon, GA.  I’m not finding any direct ties to Mercer / Macon in terms of food or culinary history.  What I do find are nods to traditional southern flair and soul food.  So, for this tailgate we will be working some traditional southern dishes as well as foods that Georgia is well known for.  That means peaches, peanuts, and pimento cheese.  It’s going to be a hot one and that means ice cream is always welcome.  As in the years past, I’ll be using the open fire pit for my dishes (look for a new setup coming later this year – meat swing set and Santa Maria Grill)

With a 3PM kickoff I’m shooting to have food off by 12:30 to give folks time to relax and enjoy campus.  As always let me know if you can make the tailgate as it helps me in food planning.  I’m anticipating that we may have a larger group after having limited capacity last year.

Here’s the general menu that I’m thinking about:

Hope to see you Saturday!

Roll Tide!