Well folks, another home tailgate season is coming to a close.  In some ways they fly by and in other ways my knees and back tell me there have been some long days.  It’s also odd ending on an SEC game at home that’s not Auburn. 

This year has been great after a small 2020 season.  It was great to see some old friends and great to make some new ones.  Chad, thanks for making it up for a few games to help cooking.  Billy, Richard – thanks for stepping in to help.  Jeremy, appreciate the help as always.  There’s many more who have kicked in to help in many ways.  To you all – thank you.  Last of course, Jules thanks for allowing me to play open fire chef for a few weekends of the year and for all the help!

This week we welcome the Arkansas Razorbacks.  That means one thing, pork on the menu!  In years past, I’ve done whole hogs and other pork heavy menus.  This week, I’ll still be doing some pork but am going to keep it on the simpler side with a 2:30 kick.

A few years back we played another Arkansas school and my research pointed me to the fact that tamales are a reginal dish often served in the Arkansas Delta, so it only seems fitting to work that into the menu.  One of my staple items I use to judge new Mexican restaurants by is Tacos Al Pastor (if they even have them).  So I’m going to do a non-traditional take on tamales and do a Al Pastor Tamale Pie (with a green chile crust).  The sweetness from the pineapple should counter the spice of the crust and make for an interesting combo.

Of course, no fall tailgate season will not be complete without Brunswick Stew.  I’ll also be cooking up a batch of stew for the chilly weather.  To keep it in the Hogs theme, I’ll be using smoked pork (and chicken too).  To cover all our southern bases, I’ll be kicking up the fryer and doing some onion rings, okra and other southern favorites.

Lastly, have a handful of various pork products (sausages, tenderloins, etc) that were frozen through the season (I normally have some extra items on hand for each game in case we get a surge) that I’ll be thawing and throwing on the open pit.

With a 2:30 kick, I am shooting for a 12:30 meal time.


As always, let me know if you can make the game.  It helps in knowing how much to buy and prepare.

Roll Tide,