What a wild weekend of football!  Many of the top teams didn’t look great, and Bama proved to be right there in the mix of average.  But, LSU is in the books, and  W > L.

Thanks to everyone that made the LSU tailgate.  I saw some faces I’ve not seen in a while and some new faces.  This was our largest tailgate of 2021 and a fun one.  Gamedays are a labor of love for me, and a ton of prep goes into the dishes that I cooked for LSU.  My feet and back let me know it was a 6 PM kick.

That brings us to this week.  As many of you know, I’m a past president of The Shelby County Alumni Association.  In short, our missing is Shelby county student butts in UA seats.  If you’re not a member, head on over and join.  Please spend a few minutes on the website and see all the good things we do.

Alabamatailgate.com is pleased to be the official tent sponsor of the 2021 New Mexico State game.  That means we will not be setting up the typical tailgate this week. Instead, we will be heading over to the tent and hanging out there before the game.  The tent is located here.

I will still be cooking for this one, so come on by and get a pre-game brunch plate.  New Mexico is known for its green chiles, and I want to work that into the menu.  With an early kick (11AM), I will keep this one simple and down to one dish.   I’m going to do several variations of quiche all with green chiles.

I’ll be getting over to the Shelby County tent around 9:30 or so. 

Hope to see you then!

Roll Tide!