What a great game last weekend.  In the end a W is a W and I have a feeling we will see Florida again soon.

This week we welcome the Sothern Miss Golden Eagles to Tuscaloosa.  We’ve hosted them in the past few years a few times and I’ll again be working Golden Eagle Syrup into the menu.

This tailgate is a tough one as we have two Mississippi based teams back-to-back, so it’s hard to do two MS themes on top of each other.

I’d mentioned last time a route to New Orleans taking you past Hattiesburg as well as the ties to Camp Shelby.  Of those two, I figured I’d throw in some Cajun ties rather than feed you MRE’s.

Since it’s a late game, I’ll be doing some heavier food in the late afternoon and some finger foods during the day.  I’ve been playing around with smoked cream cheese and figure I’ll work that into the menu.  A sweet and savory BBQ sauce works well with pork and ties into the overall southern menu as well.  A few years back I did a braided pork loin and it will pair well with the BBQ sauce.  This is a technique I learned from Seven Fires, a great open fire cooking reference.  I’m not 100% sure on the rest of the dishes, but will lost some ideas.  If you have a favorite dish or a request – please let me know.

With a 6PM kick I plan on having the main food off around 4:30 with finger foods coming off as folks start to gather.

Hope to see you in Tuscaloosa!

Roll Tide!