What a crazy year it has been.  Here we are at the Iron Bowl, but there’s still regular season games to be played.  For now let’s focus on the Iron Bowl.

The weather Saturday looks to be a little chilly, but nothing too crazy.  We will kick the fire up in the morning and get the food going and be ready to tailgate.  We’re going to have a breakfast casserole going for anyone who is going to arrive early and then moving on into dinner.  The menu is always a challenging one since both teams are from Alabama.  With 2020 being a pretty good version of a s-show I thought I’d go back to some basics on this one.  Conecuh Sausage is as close to a perfect Alabama product as you can get, so naturally I’ll work that into the menu.  Since many of us have not been able to get into the stadium this year, what better way than to have a little stadium at the tailgate – stadium BBQ nachos are on the menu.

Speaking of not making the stadium, I hope we see numbers close to the GA game at the tailgate this week.  Do me a favor and let me know if you’ll be able to make the tailgate.  This is one of my favorite tailgates to hose and I hope to see some of our Auburn friends making the trip.  In regular seasons, this tailgate is like a big family reunion and I hope to see some old and new faces this week.  Speaking of family and tailgates, this year we were joined by the Straus family by way of the CrimsonAti chapter.  They were kind enough to send me some wonderful Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce (thanks!) so naturally we will use that with the stadium nachos.

Last week I cooked a batch of Cajun 15 Bean Soup for after the game.  It was a big hit and even better over a heap of cheese grits (seriously, give that a try).  This week I’ll have a big batch of Black Bean and Sausage soup for after the game.  I’m actually headed into the game this week, so I’ll have lunch off a little earlier – I’m shooting for 12:00.

Here’s the menu

Hope to see you Sat!

Roll Tide!