Well, it’s that time of the year again.  The last tailgate of 2019 is on us.  This week, like most pre Iron Bowl tailgates we will be at the Shelby County Alumni Associations tent serving up breakfast.  You can get details about the tent and even join the association over at https://www.shelbycountyua.com/game-day-tent.  No need to be a member to enjoy the tailgate, but I’d be remiss not to point you to who we are and why we do what we so – https://www.shelbycountyua.com/about-us.  So if you come by the house, we will not be there till after the game.  We will likely watch some evening games there if the weather is nice enough. 

As always, please pass along a huge thanks to Billy, Chad and Jules for all the help at each game.  I know many of you chip in and help, but those 3 are the glue that holds the tailgate together.  Thanks crew!

If you make it down, please stop by the chapters tent and help us welcome the Western Carolina Catamount’s to campus this week.  For breakfast I’m going to do a take on a southern classic, biscuits and gravy.  For this dish I’ll use local (well Alabama local) Conecuh sausage to make the gray.  This is the base for my shrimp and grits.  I’ll cover biscuits with the mixture and then bake them with cheese on top.  It’ an easy dish and perfect for the early morning kickoff.  I’m shooting to have food there around 9:30.  The chapter always has plenty of drinks and other snacks.  We will have the TV running with the games on. 

Hope to see you all there.