Welcome back to Tuscaloosa Tide fans. This week we welcome the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss.  Looking back at the archives, I see we last hosted the Golden Eagles in 2014.  Like that year, cooler weather is in the forecast (it’s sad when the lower 90’s is cooler).  Unlike 2014 we have an early kick for this one (11AM).  No worries, it’s perfect ice cold beer weather.  So stop by and enjoy one of the many Cahaba Brewing beers we will have on hand.  Speaking of, a HUGE thanks to the entire Cahaba Brewing crew for the partnership #JumpIn.

Last tailgate I featured Golden Eagle Syrup to give a nod to the Golden Eagles and tie the menu back to Alabama.  This week I plan on doing the same.  When I think of Hattiesburg, the first thought that comes to mind is Camp Shelby.  I spent a week there one weekend back in college.  At any rate a treat of that weekend was Maj Gibbard taking the crew to an all you can eat buffet called The Lumberjack (can’t recall the name for sure).  It was a never-ending buffet of traditional southern food and I seem to remember it including squirrel.

Don’t fear, there’s no squirrel on the menu this week.  In addition to the above memory, Hattiesburg also always reminds me of heading to New Orleans.  So with an early kickoff I thought I’d do a brunch menu that gives a nod to traditional southern food as well as New Orleans classic.  Grillades and Grits are a traditional Creole brunch item and one of my favorite dishes.  It’s hard to get anymore southern than biscuits topped with butter and Golden Eagle Syrup.

Here’s what I am thinking

I’ll be setting up early and am shooting to have food off around 9:15 or so.  Come on by and say hello.