This week we welcome the Ole Miss, well I’m not sure who they are this year.  At any rate, we are excited about the first SEC game of 2019.  I’ll be out of town for this game.  Fear not, Jules, Chad and Billy will be manning the grill for this one.

Mississippi is always a tough one to plan a menu around.  Back in the Black Bear days, I’d attempted to source some bear meat.  With the land shark’s taking over (is that who they are today?) a shark dish is always an option.  This week the crew is going to take it a little easier and do a pretty simple menu. We hope to slide on past Ole Miss and thus will do a weekend of sliders.  We will tie in Bama with Conecuh Sausage and of course beer from Cahaba Brewing.

With a 2:30 kick we will shoot to have the food off around 12:30.   Here’s the menu:

I hate I’ll miss this one but will catch you at the next home game.

Roll Tide,