With TN behind us, we have our first fall weather and night game in the books.  We’re still a few days out, but NOAA is calling for possible rain and a high in the upper 60’s.

This weekend welcomes homecoming to the University of Alabama.  It’s always a great time catching up with old friends, making new ones and welcoming guests from the other team.   We’re hosting the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Last weekend we smoked up a number of dishes in honor of Ole Smokey and it’s only fitting to continue with the smoking and pork theme since the hogs are in town.

We had a big crowed last weekend, with many new faces.  Hope to see you all again.  Remember, parking is first come first serve – we’ve always managed to squeeze folks in and will continue to try.  You want that special spot that guarantees a quick exit then get here early or bump down a lot and pay the college kids who manage their lot for that premium spot.  Roll Tide.

We will be firing up the smoker and open pit mid-morning to get the dinner items up and running.  We will be pulling various meats and smoked items off all afternoon.  The parade starts at 1pm and game kick at 6pm.  I’m shooting to have dinner off around 4:15 or so to give you time to eat and get  to the game.

Chad’s working on a few rubs and brines for pork butts.  Jules is perfecting her injection recipe for pork butts.  We’re treating part of the tailgate as a dry run for Cahaba Q.  So come hungry and ready for feedback.  I’ll be running some various sausages, ribs and pork loin knots on the open pit. I’m trying to source some Pork Shanks to do “pork wings”.  As most of you know, I try not to repeat menus.  But last time we played Arkansas, I created a dish and it was just too good not to repeat.  I’ll have it out for a mid-morning snack (actually I’m repeating more than one)

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:



As always, if you know you’re making it please let me know.

Roll Tide,