This week we welcome the Texas A&M Aggies to Bryant-Denny in Tuscaloosa.  A&M looked strong against Clemson so I expect an exciting game.

I’ve mentioned it before, but every experience I’ve had with A&M fans has been positive.  If you see them around campus make sure to welcome them to Tuscaloosa as they’ve done for us in the past.

Texas is an interesting state with BBQ being dominated by Beef.  To tie that into the menu Chad will be doing his famous 14 hour brisket.  In addition to brisket, Texas has an interesting history with sausages.  There’s a mix of European and Mexican influences fond there today.  I’ll be ordering a mix of sausages from Kreuz Market.  Here’s the whole menu

With a 2:30 kickoff we’re shooting to have lunch off around 12:00.

Hope to see you this weekend!

RTR, Shane