2018 Ragin’ Cajun Tailgate

This week we welcome the Ragin’ Cajun’s to Bryant-Denny in Tuscaloosa.

I’ll be heading down to Tuscaloosa Thursday night to do some Mock Interviews for the MIS Program on Friday,  I’ve got a packed weekend, so I’ll be cooking early and heading out before the game is over.  We will have everything setup and going in the morning, but may be broken down before the game is over.

It’d be against the law to not cook Cajun with a team name like Ragin’ Cajun’s being in town.

I’m going to keep this one simple, but one of my favorite dishes.  I’ve been playing around with a new shrimp and grits recipe.  I make a simple Conecuh Sausage gravy (a light brown gravy) and then finish off the shrimp on the mixture.  Rather than deal with grits, I’m going to serve it over biscuits.

With an 11AM kick I am going to work on breakfast and shoot for 9:45 for an off time.

Hope to see you this weekend!