After a small break, Bama is back in Tuscaloosa welcoming the Mizzou Tigers.  It also marks Homecoming for the University.

Missouri has an interesting food history and was a tough call to narrow it down to a few items.  By all accounts toasted ravioli originated out of St. Louis, so I’ll give a nod to  the state and cook up a batch of those.  Two other staples of Missouri are pork and dairy products, so why not do some cheese sticks and of course St Louis Style Pork Ribs. Additionally, 7-UP is another Missouri product so I’ll make a 7-UP BBQ sauce for the ribs.

Here’s what I am thinking for the menu:


With a 6pm kick I’ll shoot to have dinner off around 4pm to give folks time to eat and get to the game.  We’ll be tailgating and watching the early games, so come on down anytime.  I’ll roll some of the appetizers off as folks come in.


See you Saturday and Roll Tide,