Well folks, we’re in the home stretch of regular season games.  We’ve got two left in Tuscaloosa.  Last weekend was pretty chili.  So far it looks like the cool temperatures will stick around for this weekend’s game as well.

This week I’ll be doing my annual trip to the Shelby County Alumni Tent.  If you’re down for the game, head on over to the chapters tent.  It’s always an open invite so come on by.  The tent is located in front of Little Hall right across from the Quad on University.  It’s on the corner of Elm and University (map here).

With an 11AM kick I’m going to do breakfast.  I’m going to do a round of Cheesy Cajun Shrimp and Alabama Sausage gravy casserole over biscuits.  It’s a new recipe I’ve been working on that I hope you like.

I’ll be hitting the road before the end of the game.  We will not be setting up the TV etc at the house.  Hope to see you at the Quad.


Roll Tide,