Well folks, the first one is in the books and that leads us to the first Tuscaloosa Tailgate.  This week we welcome the Fresno State Bulldogs.  Did you know that Fresno, CA is the raisin capital of the world?  I didn’t either so now we both know.

This year I’m wanting to do more live fire cooking.  We’ve built a fire pit at the house that can be used for cooking and warmth.  I’ve been watching a great deal of Man Fire Food this year and have been inspired by more than one of the ideas.  As the season goes on I’ll be breaking out the welder as well as using some no kidding skewers that Julie got me for our anniversary (thanks Jules!).

For the tailgate this week I wanted to come up with something that gave a nod to California’s abundance of produce and seafood, but also showcased items that Alabama has to offer.

As I thought more about Alabama and Birmingham, I couldn’t help but think of the boom in Craft Breweries, Gulf Seafood and local produce.  That led me to creating a unique take on a traditional California seafood bake/steam.

For this one I’ll be using an old beer keg, some Cullman (Bugtussle) river rock, Red Hills Brewing Homewood Hefe, fresh gulf shrimp, local collard greens, corn, potatoes and Conecuh Sausage.

Chad has a keg that he cut the top out of for brewing that will serve as the cooking vessel.  We’ll build a fire with oak to heat the rocks in the fire pit.  From there we will put the hot rocks in the bottom and start layering Homewood Homewood Hefe brined collard greens, various gulf seafood and veggies.  The greens will provide the steam and we will seal it up and let time do the rest.

With a 2:30 kick time, I plan on having food ready around 12:30.  Hope to see you guys then and Roll Tide!