It’s crazy to think we are 10 weeks into the season.  It’s been a crazy season so far!  We’re on our final stretch of regular season games with three left.  Those three happen to be in Tuscaloosa and that means three more tailgates – Roll Tide.

This week welcome the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  Last week the Dog’s found a little spark and took A&M to the woodshed.  I’m just glad that this one is at home so we don’t have to hear those cowbells.  But, we’re here for the tailgating after all…. Ok maybe the tailgating and the game.  Mississippi is a hard one to come up with a menu for, combine that with an 11AM kick and it gets even harder.  But don’t fear, we will be doing breakfast and lunch.

In thinking about traditional southern dishes and an 11am game I instantly thought of Brunch.  I have no clue of Brunch is southern, but in my head it is… so that’s what we will kick the day off with.  I know it’s hard to get down to Tuscaloosa for those early games so be sure to let me know if you are going to make it.

Here’s what I am thinking so far:

What’s better than more cowbell?  More Mimosas.

With an 11am game I suspect we will have a group of folks sticking around after the game.  We will have the Georgia / Auburn game up and running along with lunch.  Chad and I have been working on a few bbq rub recipes for pork butt.  We’re going to fire up the smoker and give a few of them a try.  Combine that with Mac-n-Cheese, Brunswick Stew and potato salad and you’ve got another pretty southern meal on your hands.  We’ll have lunch coming off right after the game.

Hope to see you all at the tailgate.

Roll Tide!