This week finds us back in Tuscaloosa hosting the undefeated Texas A&M Aggies.  Since the last time we were in Tuscaloosa, I’ve watched a Bama game in NYC and saw Alabama beat Tennessee like a rented mule.

Speaking of NYC.  A huge shout out to the The Greater New York Alumni Association!  These guys throw a first class game watch party right in the heart of NYC at The Ainsworth.  We try to head to NYC every few years for a game.  We made it up for the Arkansas game and had a blast.  If you ever find yourself out of town for a game and are looking for a place to watch it with fellow Bama fans, head over to the National Alumni Page where they keep this information updated.

Now back to tailgating.  I’m stoked to have some Aggies joining us this at the tailgate.  Aggies are for sure some of the most hospitable tailgate hosts I’ve ever encountered and I’m happy to return the favor.  The weather is looking great so far with highs in the low 70’s.  I’ve talked with a few A&M friends and they all said you have to have brisket and Texas smoked sausage, so those will be on the menu.  I’m still kicking around a few other ideas as well.

We’ve got a 2:30 kickoff so that means it’s a mad rush to get everything cooked and out in time for everyone to get to the game.  I’m thinking about doing breakfast as well since we will be up early cooking.  If you are making it in early, let me know so that I can have enough breakfast for you.




I plan on having everything off around 12:15.  We will have something coming off for after the game for sure.  This week has some good SEC evening games.  So sit around a let traffic die down.

See you Saturday,

Roll Tide