Well folks, here we sat waiting on the Iron Bowl and the final home tailgate of the 2016 season.

Each year as the final game comes around I think back about the behind the scenes work that happens for each tailgate.  Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy it and that’s why we do it.  But do take a second to day thank you to the Jarmon’s for hosting the tailgates.  Pass along a thanks to Chad for helping cook and doing menu development.  Say a huge thanks to Jules for supporting my crazy hobby.

I’m still thinking through the menu on this one.  It’s hard not to let Thanksgiving ideas creep into the mix.  But I also have to balance the time I have to prep / cook with a 2:30 kickoff.

So here’s what I am thinking:


Mrs Jarmon will have a mean lunch cooked up for after the game.  So come on back and let traffic die down.  I plan on having appetizers coming off around 10 and the meal off around noon.

Roll Tide and See You Saturday,