In 2011 we had the “game of the century” – even a wiki page. 2015 may not have the 2011 hype, but it’s going to be a great game. I expect the crowed and tailgates to follow in tow.

Most of you know that this is my favorite tailgate when it comes around every other year. I love Cajun and Creole food, I love cooking said food. Down deep – brace for it I even love Cajuns… and that means LSU fans. Never had a bad time at a tailgate with them in Tuscaloosa. Do that have some bad fans, yep. Do we, yep. But neither will be at our tailgate Saturday.

Speaking of Cajuns… If you are looking for a great butcher shop that also has fabulous sausage then you have to give Nick at Cajun Cleaver a try. They don’t just stop at great meats. The have gourmet meals to go and a great beer and wine selection. Give Nick a HUGE Roll Tide and he will know you came from

CBS picked us up for prime time this go. That means there will be plenty of time to tailgate and hang out. So I plan on doing some brunch food as well as my usual LSU menu.


As most of you know, I try not to repeat menus accept for one game each year – LSU. But we have some other folks (thanks Morgan – and of course Chad) kicking in some items this year.

Main Course

As always we will have some Cahaba Blonde’s on hand.  So be sure to give one a try at the tailgate!

Roll Tide,