What a crazy weekend of football! Roll Tide!! This weekend has us welcoming in the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Had you told me at the beginning of the year that we get beat by Ole Miss, beat Texas A&M 59 – 0 and win in OT by a touchdown in Death Valley I would have told you “you are nuts!”. Oh, and that we would be playing a #1 ranked Mississippi State. NUTS!

Well that is exactly where we are at. What a fun and exciting year.

With The Dogs coming to town I thought I better do some type of “dog” theme and not throw out a bunch of Hot Dogs. With the weather turning I also wanted to do some hearty dishes. That always leads me to think of Oktoberfest ( I know, I know it has already come and gone).

With kickoff at 2:30 I am shooting to have the food off around noon. I will pull the first two items off a little earlier.

See you on Saturday!

Roll Tide!