We welcome the University of Florida Gators to Tuscaloosa for the first Alabama SEC game of the 2014 season!

It has been a while since we welcomed the Gators to campus. Their fans were great the last time they were here and we are excited about seeing them in Tuscaloosa again. Just remember how you act is what they think of the entire Bama nation. Since we started playing them again in Tuscaloosa I have never had a bad fan experience. Let’s make sure they have the same impression when the leave here.

I am still working out the menu. I plan on having lunch off around noon for this one. I am not sure what all I will cook, but you can bet there will be some Gator meat involved! I was thinking about key lime shrimp and Gator po-boys. I had even thought about a stuffed gator like this one.

I may also shape some pork loins into ‘gator tails’ and stuff them with Gator sausage.


Hope to see you in Tuscaloosa! RTR