Another tailgate home season is nearing its end. As usual the Iron Bowl plays a major hand in the championship hunt. Crazy to think that since 2009 the winner of the Iron Bowl has played for the National Championship.

Before we get to the tailgate, let’s take a second to say thanks to the Jarmon’s for another wonderful year. Remember there are countless hours that go into each tailgate, stocking the bathroom with toilet paper, cleaning up after the games and general each and every week. So take a brief second on Saturday and say “thanks”. I also owe a huge thank you to Julie for putting up with my cooking year in and year out. Thanks Jules!

Saturday is going to be a busy day of football and getting ready for the Alabama game. Chad is bringing a huge smoker down and we will fire it up early Sat morning and start pulling food off as the day goes on. I plan on serving the final meal around 3ish to give folks time to make it over to the quad before the game. Oh, in addition to the smoker Chad is also bringing some homemade bacon!!

I have not finalized a menu yet. Some tentative thoughts are:

Hope to see yall Saturday!

Roll Tide!