Third Saturday in October!  Fall weather!!  Oktoberfest Beer!  Roll Tide!

This year the game is actually the 4th Saturday… however that does not change the rivalry.  For those of you, who are too young to remember, check out the wiki post Third Saturday in October.   I was in school or living in Tuscaloosa during the Vols seven year streak from 95-01.  I was sitting in the stands in 2009 for the 12-10 Bama victory.  By the way TN was 7 – 6 that year.  I say all that to say this… what an exciting weekend we have in front of us.  TN is playing better than most thought they would right now and Alabama looks to be firing on all eight just in time for this game.

Now that the history lesson is out of the way, let’s talk a little tailgating.  It appears that the weather is going to be nice and cool, perfect for a football game and tailgate.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to cook.  The seasonal produce and weather lend themselves to nice hearty stews, braised meats etc…  Perfect for feeding a large group!  It is also the time that most folks celebrate Oktoberfest (yes, I know it technically is already over).   So, I am looking at doing some traditional Oktoberfest menu items as well a beer pairing!

This week I will be featuring a wonderful Oktoberfest Beer by Cahaba Brewing Company.  We will have a small keg on hand for everyone to tray a pint or two.  I am still learning how to pair beers and wines with foods.  I look for a contrasting or complementing flavor when doing a pairing.  When looking at the flavor profile of this beer, apples, pears and sausage came to mind.  So I will be doing a dish that uses those elements.

We have a 2:30 kickoff for this one.  I am shooting to have lunch off around noon.  Here is what I am thinking for the menu.

I may change it up a little, but in general that is what I am thinking.


Hope to see you all there!