Blue – White, GA State is in the Fight! It’s the 2013 Alabama vs GA State Homecoming tailgate

This week brings us an 11:21 Kickoff. That’s AM by the way. It also brings us homecoming. As I mentioned in the newsletter we are excited to announce the endowment of the Virginia F. Hill Scholarship. Homecoming is when they have the formal ceremony to recognize all new endowments. So, we have an early morning ceremony paired with a brunch on the quad. So, I will not be cooking before the game. We will put out some pastries and Crimson Sunrise Mimosas for the early arrivers and then I will be cooking after the game. So, feel free to stick around and watch Georgia Tennessee game while traffic clears out.

For the post game meal, I wanted to do something that was quick and easy. I also wanted to pair a Georgia staple into the menu. That means peaches. Here is what I am thinking:

Do me a huge favor and shoot me an email if you are going to make lunch. I want to make sure I have enough food!!