2016 Alabama VS WKU

Roll Tide!  What a great start to the season.  We traveled out to Dallas for the game this weekend.  Walking around the stadium pre-game reminded me of one thing, it’s still HOT in September.  I’ve said it before, but I always remember the last few games of the year and start getting exited around Aug […]

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Tailgating Safety Tips

College football season brings the haze of portable grill smoke over parking lots, the delicious aroma of barbecued foods, and the sharing of a variety of beverages. Folks who gather in parking lots across America understand the age old tradition of tailgating, the uniquely American tradition of backyard-to-parking-lot grilling and socializing. But with an outdoor […]

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Seasoning Cast Iron

Cast iron is a great tool for tailgates. It is durable and conducts heat very well. However, it takes a little care to keep in cooking shape. Below are the steps I use when I want to re-season my pots after I have to scrub them down. I know some people claim you should never […]

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